About Us

Welcome to Maysum

Maysum manufactures an interesting and varied selection of products, ranging from spring rolls and samosa pastry to ready-made frozen samosas and long life Chapatties. All of the snacks are sold under the Maysum brand name.
Maysum has currently caused a stir in the market with its revolutionary “Original Samosa leaves”. This is an entirely new concept in making samosas. The unique pastry, cut to the original samosa shape, enables the end user to make a perfectly triangular samosa with a simple three-fold process, without the usual mess and wastage.
Baking and cutting is a thing of the past; Maysum’s “Original Samosa Leaf” makes fresh and crispy samosas without any of the hard work.

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All of the company’s products are hand-made using traditional methods. This is where Maysum differs from its competitors, because all of its ingredients are natural and free from artificial colours and preservatives. The fact that they are made by hand also gives them an unusually delicious, home-made taste.
Maysum products are available throughout England and parts of Europe. We are proud to supply many of the leading multiple retailers, as well as key
independent chains and Cash and Carry’s. Not only do we supply directly to UK’s large Asian grocery sector using our own fleet of vehicles, we also export our products to many countries around Europe.
Some of our major customers